Fun Piano Lessons
A little about Bryce………..
* He was selected as a 2012 Kresge Arts Fellow
* He was selected to play with Shania Twain at the palace of Auburn Hills
* He played on the Warped Tour at the Pontiac Silverdome
* He has been a featured performer at the Detroit Opera House
* He has performed multiple times at the world famous Apollo Theater in New York
* He has performed on and produced multiple albums including Grammy nominated Kate Hart
* His drumming is featured on commercials including a Dole lettuce commercial with Cheryl Burke from Dancing with the Stars
* He has been featured in a book called Passion, Purpose, and Profit by Elena Camp
* He has been featured on Fox 2 News Detroit
Piano Lessons Should Be Fun!
Traditional piano lessons can be boring! Doing bookwork, scales, and reading music are important parts of learning piano but that's only one side of the piano spectrum. The other side of piano is learning how to play chord-based popular music that you can sing to or use to play in a band situation. Learning how to improvise solos and create your own music is just as valuable as learning to read music. It's also what makes piano fun!!
Both Sides of Piano
There is a healthy balance of learning both sides of piano that is essential to the development of a well rounded piano player. Bryce's piano lessons are designed for beginner to intermediate students. He focuses on proper technique, how to read music, and classical pieces while incorporating how to play chords, how to play and sing simultaneously, how to solo, and how to write your own songs.